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Current Tap/Cask List (10)

Acoustic Ales We'Ve Got The Biggest Kiwis Of Them All
6.0% ABV Specialty Fruit Beer
Tulip: $6.00
Acoustic Ales Brewing Experiment
San Diego, CA

Avery Bug Zapper
6.0% ABV Wild Specialty Beer
Tulip: $6.00
Avery Brewing
Boulder, CO

Coronado Switch Stance Blonde Stout
6.7% ABV American Stout
Pint: $8.00
Coronado Brewing Company
Coronado, CA

Craftsman 1903
5.8% ABV American Lager
Pint: $6.00
Craftsman Brewing Company
Pasadena, CA

Fremont The Brother Imp IPA
8.5% ABV Double IPA
Pint: $9.00
Fremont Brewing Company
Seattle, WA

Modern Times Critical Band
6.7% ABV American IPA
Pint: $7.00
Modern Times Beer
San Diego, CA

Sixpoint Puff
9.8% ABV Double IPA
Tulip: $8.00
Sixpoint Brewery
Brooklyn, NY

Stone Brewing / Pizza Port BFF
6.2% ABV American Pale Ale
Pint: $6.00
Pizza Port
Carlsbad, CA

Wiens Apricot Wheat
4.8% ABV American Wheat Beer
Pint: $5.00
Wiens Brewing Company
Temecula, CA

Wiens Fortune Teller : Mosaic
7.0% ABV American IPA
Pint: $7.00
Wiens Brewing Company
Temecula, CA

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